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Chicken Teriyaki Dinner
Served with soup and salad
Sushi For Two
14 pieces of Chef's Choice Nigiri, 1 Philly Roll, 1 California Roll, and Shrimp Tempura Roll. Also served with 2 soups and 2 house salads
New Moon Beef Dinner
Served with soup and salad
A la Carte Nigiri
From Top:
4 Yellowtail Nigiri
5 Tuna Nigiri
6 Salmon Nigiri
A la Carte Sushi
Clockwise from Ginger/Wasabi:
Ultimate Tuna Roll
Orlando Roll
Spider Roll (no Masago)
In Middle:
Left: Tampa Roll (no Masago)
Right: Out of Controll Roll (no Spicy Tuna)
Chicken Katsu Box (lunch)
Served with soup
Grouper Platter
Availability varies
Kiwi Delight Roll
Jalapeño Pepper Hamachi
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